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Hello! My name is Ravindu Dilhara Perera. I’m a young entrepreneur with lots of activities. My main hobbies are technology, Digital Photography, and music.My main hobbies are technology, Digital Photography, and music. Digital marketing strategy & eCommerce expert that has demonstrated versatility across a range of marketing specialties. I have worked both for startups and global corporations, but there is always one common goal: I have an immense passion for applying my entrepreneurial ‘do it now’ attitude to help grow businesses. My breadth of experience also enables me to adapt quickly to changing needs. I have in-depth knowledge in key marketing specialties:


My Team

Madushan Udeshike

CEO of Company

Isabella Croline

Managing Director

Claire Divas

CTO of Company

Zingzian Zizu

SEO Analyst

Mincin Funo

Digital Marketer

Makhaia Antitni

Content Writer

Rahi Pande

General Manager

Pull Maradona

UI / UX Designer